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G. M. Andreou Marmi Ltd was established in 1998, and started it's operations as a retailing company focusing on the building and decorative materials such as marbles and granites, developing high quality constructions within Cyprus. From 2005 onwards, G. M. Andreou Marmi Ltd became the largest wholesaling company in Cyprus that imports marbles, granites, quartz engineered stones and large porcelain slabs, supplying the whole Cypriot markets.

The dynamic capability to present solutions under a broad variety of technically, aesthetically, and economically superior materials makes G. M. Andreou Marmi Ltd one of the most trusted and reliable companies in the Cypriot industrial market.

While there is a rapid rise in the customer demands, and their preference for more stylish and modern materials, our company is always dedicate to update the materials and import new and innovative products for kitchen top, bar and washbasin, staircase, floor, wall revetment, fireplace revetment, and many other surfaces.

Our mission is to provide a wide product range of innovative materials, from all around the world for both short and long scale projects, giving an edge in the whole Cypriot market.

Our vision is to collaborate with the most trusted companies around the globe, aiming to import high quality materials, at the most affordable prices for our customers.

Our company supports the highest construction projects around Cyprus, and at the same time builds a relationship of trust and mutual understanding with our customers, allowing them to transfer their ideas to life.

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